7 Bored

I have finally made Blade my advisor, Blade went and explored the palace, I gave him some modern clothes as a gift.

I asked Blade about the magic he said' not everyone has magic; I have something called the bloodline gift, but I don't know if I have magic'

I circled Blade and looked him up and down I asked him what is your bloodline gift' he said 'it's useless' I said 'well I am your king show me' he sighed and said I can change the color of my eye '

As he said that his eye color changed it went from blue to pink to green to purple to yellow then blue, I was super impressed I put up my puppy eyes and asked' can you give me that gift' he said' no' I asked again; It seems as I irritate him he took a stone and threw it on my face the guards near us tried to capture him; I didn't make him an advisor officially it seems like I should organize an orientation. I am too lazy to organize something like that. I guess I'll skip the process, it's boring to be a king.

I want to annoy someone, I went to go to my advisor he was working I said' Blade let's go for a walk' he said' No' I said' I am begging you' he' '' don't you have any work to do' I said' I have given it to Desmond and you' he said' you said that the kingdom is in a mess, and you want to do something about it, but now you are coming and disturbing me' I said' I am a king respect me say your majesty for each sentence' he said' you don't behave as one do you, I heard about you like a lot they say that you are best, heaven-sent and a god for the poor, but you are just a bored idiot' why did he say that I am a bored idiot I am a king, respect me, anyway I went to my room and checked my stats window


Name: Steven Ade

Job: King {Thief}

Title: {Swindler}, {The Greatest Thief}, {One who knows pain}, {Swift hands}








Endurance: 3



Seeing it made me happy, but it was still unbalanced. I wish I had some quest and skill section. I laid on my bed and stared at my stats window. I am bored. I need a quest right now.

I closed my eyes, It happened again, I was summoned to see God, this guy was eating food he was eating a hamburger, I wish I ate a hamburger, the food here tastes like trash, I saw him he smiled at me and said' hello' I said' hi' he said' enjoying your life, it seems like you are bored' I said yes, he said why don't you eat some burgers' I was so happy I wanted to eat it I went and touched it but my hand went right through it, this guy I wanted to kill him, he was laughing and saying do it again, he stopped and said ' I will give you a new quest', what new quest I opened my eyes I was not in heaven I was in my room, I heard a message.


Quest update

Quest: Find Jack the Ripper and watch his death in front of your eyes

Rewards: system upgrade (skill section available)

Time limit: one week

Penalty: death☺️


Eh, why is my quest so weird, and what's with that smile at the end, anyway? If I don't finish this, I'll be dead. I went to Blade again. He noticed me. He was ready to throw another rock at me, so I thought that I'd go to Desmond. This old guy does whatever you say. I went to him and took him to the slums.

After visiting the slums I made some arrangements for a renovation. The slums were under construction, and everyone was happy to see me. The last time I came here they did not welcome me. I am happy that they welcomed me.

I saw Giro welcoming me. I went with Giro, and some guards to explore the slums to find Jack the ripper. I explained to Giro the situation and how dangerous it is but he said it's okay.

According to the quest, it seems like I should catch Jack the Ripper and execute him in front of the public and watch it. so the steps are

*Search and find Jack the Ripper

*watch him die

Easy-peasy or not, the second part is kinda easy, you just gotta hang him, I have killed people. I don't think it's gonna be that hard but for the second step to happen; I gotta finish the impossible first step.

of course, how am I going to find a person I don't know, perhaps I could use magic you know say some spells and boom Jack the ripper is found can it happen

I went to Desmond and asked him to find some mages to use magic, he said, ' why are you spending so much money on finding this killer' I said' it is important to find killers' Desmond said okay and arranged for mages, I was excited to watch magic for the first time.

The mages came, I asked them to search for the killer and they explored the place where the murders happened.

The mages put their hand to the ground and closed their eyes; they looked like they were focusing on something suddenly the ground glowed green; he was magic it was beautiful to watch, suddenly the light changed from green to red

One mage spoke up and said we have found your target majesty'. I was happy, someone who technology could not find was caught by magic. Here I come, Jack the Ripper.


Here is a secret,

The protagonist is a great fan of magic; he has read and seen a lot of books and movies on magic; he learned magic tricks to satisfy his thirst for magic.


To Be Continued...

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