What?! The gamemaster and the top player are dating?! [BL]
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What?! The gamemaster and the top player are dating?! [BL]


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What is What?! The gamemaster and the top player are dating?! [BL]

What?! The gamemaster and the top player are dating?! [BL] is a popular web novel written by the author cherlyswan, covering BL, SYSTEM, OVERPOWERED MC, COMEDY, ROMANCE, ACTION, ADVENTURE, DOTING LOVE INTEREST, BROMANCE, MODERN, LGBT+ genres. It's viewed by 135.4K readers with an average rating of 4.8/5 and 16 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 98 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Getting thrown into a volcanic mountain? Stalked by bloodthirsty creatures? Hunted by people who love pitchforks and fire? Finding yourself participating in a ghost festival? This was normal. Well, at least, according to Huang Zhihao a.k.a. Mastermo, the world’s most famous and beloved pro-gamer. A hardworking youth whose first love was gaming. At an age, where he should be dating and attending business parties with his father, you’ll find him holed up in his room, enjoying his favorite game: T.I.A.D. He had always aimed to be at the top of the pro-gamers list and now that he had achieved that goal, he had a new ambition: To beat the Gamemaster of T.I.A.D. An online RPG released with the help of VR technology, a game that became an overnight sensation because of its marketing strategy. A simple strategy where they gave out a cash prize of a million dollars to anyone who stands first at winning the game. All you have to do is beat the Gamemaster, an unknown man who is respected by all and has also, unfortunately, become the target of their weapons. Unexpectedly, Huang Zhihao had fallen in love with the anonymous Gamemaster whom he had to kill! Join Zhihao on his journey where he fights monsters, meets new people, unravels many plot twists, and finds love. "It was.....you??" Zhihao asks in shock, as if, he hadn't guessed it already. -Filled with adventure. -A slow burn. -More story-based -Filled with fluff (Try not to die from the sweetness) For the rest, you can read the story and find out. It won't disappoint \(^~^)/

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If you are thinking about reading this book just go for it and see if it fits your taste. Since I'm the writer I'll just say that I personally love it, So worth your time. We are twenty chapters in and I've decided to shamelessly give myself a five star because I'm a fan of myself keke... The story deals with a lot of elements ranging from fantasy to mystery to cultivation and even a bit of horror. If you don't like the book you are free to curse the author all you like. Lol


OMG! I love this one! Mastermo is a sharp witted top player, and I love his partner, devilmagiclover, aka Li Ling! Great job author! I want more!


So I just read the first chapter and honestly it was really well written and amazing. It kept me interested. looking forward to reading the further chapters. please keep on uploading.


Dear author, First I want to thank you for this amaxing story and I hope you are always motivated to write stories. If your not then we your readers are here to motivate you. Hope yoi aren't pressured into writing ustj remember to enjoy it and feel the thrill whenever you write stories. Just want to say I appreciate this New concept of Gaming Novel especially because it's BL and this kind of stories are hard to make for writers and hard to find for us readers. Thank youand God Bless you😘😘😘 For the readers I won't say any spoilers except that it's good and I'd recommend it for everyone to read 😊Thank you😘😘😘


When you see the description of the story it's so cliche but when you read the chapters it's so interesting and funny especially the MC's attitude. This story makes me want to be a gamer so I won't be abused by this dog food story😂😂😂


OMG! OMG! OMG! I LOVE THIS SO MUCHHHHHHH! I'm a fan of this author and made a Webnovel account just to read this book. It's so greatttt!! I love the characters and the story. This is the most different BL novel I have ever read. It focuses on the story with every new level they play giving us new and amazing things. I can never guess what's going to happen next and it's mindblowing. Thank you author-nim!!! I hope Li Ling is the Gamemaster. I'll really cry if he's not T-T


normally I wouldn't read novels because well I like art but I realy enjoy this novel, I am currently at chapter 31 and I love the way theres alot of intresting things, I love the novel and I hope you do too and sorry I'm bad at explaining things.


been following this book for over 60 chapters. I remember leaving a review before this but I thought I should do it again cause I love this book so much. It keeps getting better and better. My favorite character is Li Ling. great work author, you have a bright future in fantasy world writing. thank you so much for this awesome book.


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Wow! The synopsis itself was quite intriguing[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]. English isn't my language so I won't be a good judge still I wanna say that everything is written smoothly and is well understood with proper punctuation. Story itself has a different concept and unique plot👌 Keep up with the good work author wish you all the best❤️


Writing Quality: 2/5 Your writing style is good, there is nothing wrong with it, but the grammar makes everything drop. There are problems with missing commas, capitalization, wording, and punctuation. Also, this is my personal preference, but some paragraphs are too long and should be shortened. Updating Stability: 5/5 I give that to everyone because people have lives and not everyone can update daily. Plus, I never pay attention to this. Story Development: 3.5/5 (but I will have to put 4 on the thing). I like the way you tell your story; it's good, but some stuff seems too fast-paced while slow-paced at the same time. The flow would throw me off when the commentators would talk, because it does not give an indication when they start. But other than that, the plot development is not bad. Character Design: 4/5 I like your characters and they way they interact, especially the MC and his brother. Although, the interactions could come off as forced a few times, they are still interesting. You did a good job on developing your characters. World Background: 5/5 You gave a clear view of your background; very descriptive and clear. The changing of gaming settings/scenes are a bit of a flow disruptor, but it is unique and I like it. All in all, the main thing that needs to be improved on is grammar, especially in chapter one (the P.O.V in chapter one was confusing too). Other than that, you are on the right road. Keep up the good work, author!


To be honest... BT and fantasy is not "my cup of coffe", but... I like the way you write abot the gaming. It is very illustrative. The storyline is interesting and keeps the readers attention. That's what writing novels are about - keeping readers attention to the end :) so you're doing very well. Wish you inspiration and a lot of good ideas!


I love it! This novel is just the read I was looking for, such well thought out concept! I love gaming plots so much after reading TKA and especially when reading National school prince is a girl! Now regarding the style and plot construction, they are pretty finely executed. The novel has a descriptively tailored concept tallying to romance, fluffs humour, mystery and gaming. The interlinking of relationships followed by varying sequence of events are put together skillfully. Good job author!


I'll open with this: BL and Romance aren't exactly my cup of tea. This story, though? I may actually wind up reading it all the way through despite that, because it is very well put-together! The pacing doesn't leave a reader seeking more or less of any particular element, and while the grammar has some minor mistakes, it doesn't detract from the series of events the Author is building. All-in-all, I highly encourage giving this story a read, as it seem to have great things in its future. Keep up the good work, Author! <3


I love BL, so that automatically pulled me into the story. The story is interesting and your wordbuilding and pacing is good; keep up with the pace you are at. You have a few grammar mistakes with punctuations and capitalization; easily fixable when you go back and reread it. And maybe break up some of your long paragraphs. Keep up the good work!


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