Villainous Me: Help! The heroines are yanderes! Book

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Villainous Me: Help! The heroines are yanderes!


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A young man woke up to a world of magic and endless possibilities. He was transmigrated. Great! Only that he now had three huge problems. One, he had no memories of his past. Two, he was a villain destined to die no matter the outcome. And three, the heroines were all kinda... should he say, obsessed? Yeah, he was fucked. [Note] No Yuri. Conflicting emotions of MC due to loss of memory for the first part. Huge plot twist, so don't fall for whatever you see. NTR? Not. But probably netori. Beta MC? Big No. Harem? Yes! Don't ask me how but I'll make it possible. ..... More golden tickets for faster updates!