Villain: Surviving the Yandere Academy with a Gun Book

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Villain: Surviving the Yandere Academy with a Gun


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[Tl;dr- World ruled by women, MC that sleeps around and refuses to bow down to anyone, OP but with a twist, smut with backstory Also, this is NOT a genderbender novel, please read the story carefully before deciding] Boredom pushing him to jump to the afterlife, Ana is transmigrated to his cherished freedom. (Which just so happens to be the popular dating game he has no idea about) "That's right. My name is Ana. Don't ask why." Now, notwithstanding the fact that he is excessively manipulative and cold hearted, he faces a slight problem of having to survive in a world where magic is the mainstream form of earning since there are dungeons with monsters popping up everywhere. "Weird, dude. I thought a gal would be coming so I got no strong male body for ya." And also a slight problem of not having the means to carry on with his afterlife in peace. "Plus dude, ya do know that you're just a side character in this game, right?" "..." A side character in the dating game he was too lazy to ever pay attention to. It was exactly how Ana imagined his afterlife would be. "Well, atleast the women here seem nice." "Yeah about that..." Follow Ana as he makes his way into forbidden territory by swooning women who carry more than just knives. ------------------------------------------- Additional Tags: No Yuri, No Netorare, ONLY PURE NETORI (plus vanilla ofcourse), Battles using men as pets --------------------------------------------- Refer to the FAQs given in my review if you have any doubts or just ask them in the comment section. ---------------------------------------------- Read my other works if you're interested in the verse: Delusion: Ray's Deception Villain: Girlfriend Thief ---------------------------- None of my works are dropped, and I'll update all of them. But! Like a particular series and want me to update it more than the others? Just let me know in the comments!


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