Veracity Of The Past Book

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Veracity Of The Past


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8 years ago, they encountered a tragedy. Losing the most elite squad at that time, through the hands of its member while conducting an investigation. Despite their age, they were sent separately to train and be the next elite squad of their Empire. Reuniting 8 years later, changes are visible and their relationships were strained. Together with it was the truth behind the tragedy. Once all secrets are out. Will they be able to overcome the darkness? Or will they succumb to its claws? "You who does not know anything should stop acting as if everything you know is the truth." "I will protect them. That, I shall swear. But I won't sacrifice more just so they would be at ease." "It is because I learned to embrace everything." Word Count: 900 - 1100 words ***** Do read my other stories: SHE'S THAT KNIGHT KNOWN AS ZERO (COMPLETED) VENGEANCE TO THE ROYAL ONES (COMPLETED) COMING FOR THE LAST FOURTEENTH (COMPLETED) RESTARTING CHAPTER BOOK FINALE (COMPLETED) REBIRTH: STUBBORNLY FULFILLING A PROMISE (ONGOING) Cover photo not mine... For the owner, please do contact me if you want me to remove it... ^_^ You can find me on instagram: miss.llaellen Buy me a coffee? ^_^ - https://ko-fi.com/llaellen


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