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"You don't have to chase for love anymore. The right girl for you is already there," Azenith muttered and pointed the caffee where Krizzel is waiting for him to get back inside. Azenith hold her deep breath as she forced to stop her tears from falling to her pale cheeks. "I'm chasing you because I still love you, I do sti--." Symon "Then why did you leave me when I needed you the most? You choose to be with Krizzel who's suffering, without not thinking that I'm in the same page of her too!" She angrily shouted and push Sy away from her. "Did you ever think of me Sy? Did you ever tried to ask yourself, would it be fine to me if you leave me just like that?" She cried and left without a word carrying all her belongings as the strong rain poured on the road. "Aze!" Sy shouted as he call her. "I never win Sy, I won't fucking win. Especially when it comes to me and your best friend, I alway lose you. Between me and her, she always win." She smiled fakely and turned her back to Sy, letting all her tears to fell down on her soft and heated cheeks. -pretend y'all-