Two Worlds Exchanged Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Two Worlds Exchanged


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Liu Yuying, a university student in Singapore doing a double major in Chinese and English, is an acclaimed fanfiction writer well-known for her works on various online fiction sites such as Webnovel, Wattpad, AO3, and more. She has recently signed an exclusive contract with Webnovel. However, there’s just one problem - Yuying has only written fanfiction her entire life. She has never written an original piece of work. As such, she has no idea where to start. After an unsuccessful brainstorming session, Yuying decides to call it a day and sleep on it. However, when she wakes up, Yuying finds herself in an unfamiliar Ancient Chinese universe, stuck in the body of a prince named Zhao Ming’er, the second in line to the throne and the star pupil at his cultivation academy.