1 New Beginnings (part 1)

A man waved at his fans as he got into a car. The man was a famous young actor. He had worked so hard to get to where he was. He was an albino man with red eyes and white hair. Despite that he looked really handsome.

The smell of his perfume excited his wife as she snuggled next to him and placed her hand around his. The driver started the car and they left the event they were just at.

"Wow, an Oscar at the age of 24, you are doing well for yourself." Caleb's grandmother who was on the phone said.

"It's all thanks to you."

The driver pulled the car into the driveway of the giant mansion the man lived in with his wife. The night was silent, maybe a bit to silent but no one really cared about that.

The man got out of the car and walked to the car door and opened the door for his wife. He held out his hand and his wife stepped out of the car.

He picked her and carried her into the house. They laughed and giggled as they had drunk some alchol in the car.

As they walked into the living room they saw the balcony door open. "I told you to close the balcony door before we left did I not?" Caleb asked his wife.

"I did close it." his wife replied.

"Then why is it open?"


A lamp was flicked on by a man sitting in the corner who holding a rifle.

"Because I used it to get inside."

Caleb looked at the man who was holding a rifle and was aiming it at him.

Caleb's wife let out a scream but quickly shut up when the rifle was pointed at her. "Shut up." the man growled.

The man had a bald head, well kept beard and he was wearing a black suit. His shoes were well polished giving him a clean look.

"Drew," Caleb's wife said.

"So you do remember my name you house wrecker?" Drew stood up and gestured for them to sit down.

"Drew, you don't have to do this, think this through."

"Do what Lizzie?" Drew asked. He pointed the gun at her, "Kill you?" He then pointed the gun at Drew. "Kill him?"

Caleb was looking at the floor and was avoiding eye contact. "Look at me Caleb, look... at... me... LOOK AT ME!" Drew shouted.

Caleb slowly removed his eyes from the floor and made eye contact with Drew. "Have you enjoyed yourself?"


"I mean clearly you have, your living in such a big house, surrounded by such fine art. You even have a jacuzzi in your bedroom!"


"Anyways I'm here to kill you guys."

Caleb stayed silent for quite a while his wife shouted and begged for forgiveness.


Two bullets left the chamber of the rifle and struck Caleb's wife in both knees. She screamed out in pain while Caleb held eye contact with Drew.

"While you sat in your jacuzzi sipping wine or whatever it is you sip, I was fighting for my life in prison Caleb. I've always asked myself why you did it? Why did you betray me? You and I grew up together on those streets, I was there for you always, so imagine how I felt when you betrayed me, but before I kill you, I'll give you a chance to explain why you did what you did?"

Caleb stayed silent but after quite a while he spoke.

"It's because i cared about you."


"You wanted that life, you didn't want to leave it behind and I knew sooner or later you would die on those streets. So I protected you."

"By setting me up to go to jail." Drew removed his suit jacket and lifted his shirt up showing four scars on stomach.

"I was in more danger in prison than I was outside. You know I didn't mind that you wanted a life outside the streets, but for you to set me up under the guise that you were protecting me... now that is a big lie."

"You see there is a difference between love and loyalty, people who love you will hurt you to protect you for themselves but people who are loyal to you will hurt themselves to protect you for you."

"Then I guess I loved you." Caleb said.


The sound of the rifle unloading itself into Caleb was the only thing that could be heard in the cold airy night.

Drew looked at Caleb's wife who was crying in pain and clutching her knees. "Ever since he met you he changed, you filled his mind with all those weird thoughts, just remember your actions have consequences. But anyways the ambulance are on their way, I got of the phone with them the moment you guys walked in."

Drew stepped over her and walked out of the house. The house was big and empty and so was the surroundings. There were no trees or any coverings.

Drew held his gun and aimed it at the police officers. "I should have figured they would arrive faster in a white neighbourhood."

The next morning the death of the one of the youngest oscar winners and a madman was announced to the world.


Drew did not know where he was. He stared at the dark grey skies with dark clouds that swirled. Rain poured onto him as lightning accompanied by thunder hit the surrounding area.

Of in the distance Drew could hear a wolf howling.

"Is this the afterlife?" Drew asked himself. "It doesn't seem that bad." If he was to just lay there and look up at the dark gloomy sky for all eternity, then maybe it wasn't so bad.

As the wind howled and grew more violent Drew felt cold. He could feel a little blanket wrapped around him. He opened his mouth and was shocked to hear cries coming from his mouth. Why was he crying?

He tried moving but the only thing he could do was raise his arms in the arm. "Were my arms always this small?" Drew thought to himself.

His arms looked really short and pudgy.

'These are the arms of a child!' Drew exclaimed.

'Why is my body like this? Why am I crying? Why does it feel so cold? Cold weather of this calibre should not disturb me in any way. What is going on?'

There were hundreds of questions Drew asked himself. After what felt like a few hours he heard footsteps. It wasn't just any footsteps. It was that of a four legged creature. Multiple of them. Drew knew this because he had spent quite some time around dogs.

Drew's heart dropped when a face appeared in front of him. It was a skeletal face with horns protruding from its eye sockets. On top of the skull was a candle that was lit.

The creature sniffed Drew for quite a while before licking him. Three more creatures of similar appearances also sniffed him and then licked him. The last creature licked the salty tears of Drew's face.

As Drew watched, he became scared stiff after seeing the creatures stand on two legs. There was no organs on them as the only thing they were composed of was bones.

From Drew's analysis all of them were missing bones of some kind. Whether it was the ribcages, collar bones or a random bone.

They grew bones on the places they were missing and the creature's huddled together before merging. Organs grew, blood flowed and muscles tightened until finally what stood before him was an old man with thick eyebrows, a long white beard, bald head and quite a bit of muscle.

Drew did not notice the man was carrying an axe until he raised it in the air.

'Is he going to kil me? Wait don't do that?'

Drew could not move and could only watch as the axe was brought down. Drew screamed and raised his hands as if they were going to do anything but to the man all he saw was a child crying flinging their arms.

He brought the axe down and stopped it just a millimetre away from the child's face who continued to cry. He stared at the child who was crying and put the axe on his back.

He then picked up Dan and cradled him. "Forgive me child but their are lots of creatures here that shapeshift to life in prey."

Drew did not understand anything the man was saying but he listened and calmed down as the man soothed him by singing him a lullaby and rocking him.

Before Drew even knew it he had fallen asleep.

The man looked at the child with eyes filled with sorrow as a teardrop fell from his eyes.

"What kind of person leaves a child in the middle of such an environment like this?"

The man held the child to his face and rubbed his face against the child. He then took the child home.


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