501 Wonder Woman

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Li Du was astonished by the affection people had for the cute pets. Not only Ah Meow, but Crispy Noodles also joined in the effort of selling cookies.

Ah Meow was good at performing; Crispy Noodles was strong, so he played the role of the cart pusher.

With the help of the two furry kiddos, Li Du accompanied Victoria around the supermarket. They succeeded in drawing a lot of attention and sold many cookies.

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Each of them was in charge of something; Victoria was in charge of choosing customers; Ah Meow took the role of the salesperson by acting adorable and going up to the potential customers to sell cookies; Crispy Noodles provided logistical support.

When people bought cookies, they were allowed to touch Ah Meow once and also take a picture with the ocelot. However, they were not allowed to hug him. They could only sit side by side with him while taking the photo.

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