500 Change of Business

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Li Du's words annoyed Ah Meow: What does he mean by 'you can't be more afraid than a cat?'

I'm a cat? Alright, true, but I'm no a normal cat. No, this cat is an ocelot—an intelligent ocelot created by a mysterious power!

Victoria had received loads of encouragement; she clenched her fists and said, "Alright, as long as I have the courage, I will succeed!"

She grabbed a box of cookies and was about to walk forward. Then she thought about it, and asked feebly, "May I know if I can bring Ah Meow along with me?"

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"Sure," Li Du said, "of course you can."

Ah Meow was even more irritated. If I can do the promoting on my own, why would I want to bring a loser teammate with me?

Victoria was about to leave when Li Du had a thought and said, "The first step in business is choosing your customer. Look, there is a couple over there. You should go over and promote to that lady—go ahead."

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