285 Where Did The Dagger Go

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"Uncle, what’s wrong?" the young man asked anxiously.

Farhad carried the TV and shouted in a panic, "Where’s the dagger? Where’s the dagger I put in here? Where did the dagger go?"

The few of them were stunned. "Where did you put it? Didn’t you put it here yourself?"

To keep it a secret, Farhad had personally hidden the valuable dagger—nobody else had known where it had been hidden.

This dagger was a tool used by the recently overthrown Gaddafi to decorate his office. Its base was made of rare black onyx, while its sheath and handle were of ivory-like material. It was affixed with diamonds, red rubies, sapphires, emeralds, opals, and other precious stones.

Someone in Farhad’s group had been one of Gaddafi’s guards, and had stolen this dagger amid the chaos.

But in America, such artifacts which had been brought into the country without being reported were considered contraband, and could not be publicly sold or auctioned.

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