286 Summer Hunting

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Li Du’s words had caused Hans to become a bit paranoid. Indeed, if those people knew of the existence of the bejeweled dagger, they would seek them out.

None of this would have happened if the storage unit had not been returned to them.

However, the way in which the other party had wanted to get the unit back was rather despicable; Hans was filled with hatred when he recalled it, and couldn’t resist saying, "Sh*t, I’ve been in this line for so long and have never been so humiliated before!"

Li Du said helplessly, "What could have been done? It was fortunate that we didn’t get into any issues and left in one piece."

Feeling indignant, Hans gave it some thought and then laughed, "Maybe we should take some preventive action. Before they seek us out, we could get these jerks into trouble—we really shouldn’t let them off so easy!"

"How would we do that? Don’t try anything funny."

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