725 Walking Too Fast May Make Your Pants Fall Off

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Whether it was pizza or noodles, the chef made great food. The ingredients were good, and the first-class passengers were satisfied.

At that moment, a couple walked into first class and took the two remaining seats.

The stewardess came and explained in a low voice, "These two passengers have just upgraded to this cabin. I'm sorry if this disturbed you. I hope you understand."

This stewardess was the one Hans flirted with when he came in. She was white, beautiful, and had long legs. She was the head stewardess in charge of the first class international flights, and had a pleasant appearance and personality.

Hans was interested in her, and when he heard this, he replied with a smile, "They have disturbed me. In fact, I was beginning to feel sleepy and was about to go to bed."

Stunned, the stewardess said, "I'm sorry."

"Oh, don't apologize. Just give me a smile. Your smile is warm and quiet. It could calm my heart," said Hans.

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