724 Kitchen in the Sky

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It was the middle of March. After Hans's hard work, the three children were finally allowed to legally go to Australia.

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As Sophie and the others had also made the necessary preparations for the long-distance journey, the group drove to Los Angeles en masse.

After arriving at Los Angeles International airport, Li Du sighed. "I feel like I have just arrived in this place, and now I have to board another plane. Hopefully, I will be able to stay on land for a little longer after arriving this time."

The others were all relatively more excited, especially the group of five children, who were looking around curiously while dragging their own small luggage and carrying small backpacks.

Hans and Li Du went to settle the check-in for the three furry children. Even after looking at their exit permits, the airport security officer was still a little skeptical. "Is that a cat and a dog?"

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