844 Viewing Whales Underwater

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After seeing the submersible yacht, Li Du believed Cole and Jacob's words. They were not exaggerating one bit. This is most likely the most suitable boat in Sydney for sightseeing on the sea.

To put it more accurately, it was a submarine.

The Abyssal Dragon looked a little like a narrow raft, and like the long, narrow, wooden boats on the lake of Li Du's hometown. However, it was only its exterior that looked similar. In truth, the Abyssal Dragon looked nothing like a narrow raft and those long, narrow, wooden boats.

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The submarine was approximately ten meters long and five meters wide. The first half of the sub was occupied by its cockpit while the other half was occupied by its cabin, which was very small and had only two seats.

Indeed, this sub could only carry two people plus the pilot. Furthermore, there were no extra spaces for the two people to move about, and each of the two people only had a seat that they could remain in.

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