843 Role of Connections

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Li Du was riding in Cao Fan's car. When he had just gotten into the car, Cao Fan stood outside and winked at him. "The girls back there are all rare. Are you interested?"

Wang Zhongshi, who was nearby, also said, "Humans are not licentious only in poverty. Brother Li, you are young and have much energy. Don't you have any interest?"

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Li Du shook his head and said, "I brought my fiancee to the showcase. We are engaged and looking forward to getting married."

Hearing this, several girls who had been interested in him immediately left. They were not to there to sell themselves. They were there to hook up with the rich. Their purpose was to catch a single rich man to marry and be a rich lady. If that was not possible, they were willing to be a mistress, and then slowly climb up to the position of a rich man's wife.

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