953 Tribe Feud

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As Li Du knew, Zulu people were known for their passion, forthrightness, and their fighting, singing and dancing skills. They were sometimes called the Maori people of Africa.

Their beauty perception was the same as that of the Maori people. Feminine beauty means large breasts, wide hips, ample curves, strength, and health. Li Du and his gang saw many topless women walking past them on their way.

"I feel like I'm in a ladies' bathroom," Li whispered to Sophie.

Sophie smiled sadly. "In a public bathroom in America, I can stand up proudly. Not here."

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Her breasts were quite impressive, but they could not compare to those of the Zulu women, many of whom had breasts like milk cows.

It was the custom for Zulu girls to go topless, whether at home or out, in front of acquaintances and strangers alike.

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