954 Sacred Tradition

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The relationship between the lion hunter and the chief was bad, and there was more to it than that.

However, Li Du did not feel like he could ask more questions. When the lion hunter stopped talking about these matters, he changed the topic.

During this visit to the Zulu tribe, he would attend a dinner party, and there would be a performance of war dance. The next day, the lion hunter would take him to participate in a tribal hunt in the wild.

However, in the evening, the lion hunter went out, came back with a mysterious smile on his face, and said, "Tomorrow we will not go hunting. It is postponed. Tomorrow you will be able to see a sacred ceremony."

"What sacred ceremony?" Li Du asked.

The lion hunter did not answer, and said with a smile, "My guess is that you have never experienced this before. Believe me, tomorrow you will be surprised."

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