1127 Township Group

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Li Du wondered what the matter was. Are Mexicans so hostile to Americans? No way.

The tourists were mostly foreigners, but there were still Americans on the streets.

He was not afraid of them, but he did not want to get into trouble for no reason.

So before their meal was served, he went up to the landlord, and after some

pleasantries went straight to the topic. "Man, can you give me some information? Those

boys, they're obviously picking a fight, aren't they?"

The boss, who was grinning happily, stopped smiling. He looked at Li Du and said, "You

are right."

Li Du asked incredulously, "Why? Are all Mexicans so explosive? So belligerent?"

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The owner shook his head and said, "Of course not. However, according to my guess,

there are two reasons why they picked on you. One is that you are rich, and the other is

that you provoked someone, and some people want to give you trouble."

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