1126 Troublemakers

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On the border of Mexico, cars parked on the side of the road. Most of the brands were

Nissan, Toyota, Honda, and other cheap cars.

These people were looking for customers, usually at a short distance, mainly in a town

one or two kilometers away. Some were hired as tour guides.

Godzilla rented a car. It was cheap and only cost ten dollars to take them to the town.

Li Du heard some tourists bargaining with the driver. The lowest offer was 30 dollars.

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He guessed that it was only due to his size and temperament that Godzilla could find a

car for 10 dollars.

Only a wall separated the two countries, but the difference was very big and very


Nogales had a smooth road that ran in all directions. The roads in Mexico were of rough

dirt. A ride would surely be bumpy.

The distance was not great, but there were many of them and they were heavy, and the

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