1282 Timely Help

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Not long later, Li Du heard a gunshot. However, it was unrelated to their campsite. The gunshot seemed to come from the area where the graves had been robbed.

Brother Wolf became cautious and arranged for the four heavy-duty SUVs to patrol around the area.

The results of the patrol were positive. The grave robbers had not come over to confront them. In any case, there was no reason for them to. The antique jewels had all been wrecked and it was unlikely they would be able to connect Li Du and his people to that incident.

After all, Li Du had only chatted for a short while with the blonde youth. He did not go near the grave or near the antique jewels that the people had excavated.

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After a few more gunshots, there was silence. To be safe, Brother Wolf brought some of his men out for a look.

When he returned, Li Du asked, "What happened?"

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