1281 One More Level Up

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Some of the excavated coffins were already opened and their grisly contents had all been rummaged through. There were two more coffins that had yet to be opened. The little bug flew in for a look and Li Du could not help but purse his lips.

Inside the coffin was a rotten corpse complete with bones. There was jewelry on it and the gold and silver were shimmering. It was unclear whether the jewels were plated or made of solid gold. There was a gemstone necklace on the corpse's neck, gold plated accessories all over the body, and a jeweled scepter between its hands.

In another coffin, the contents were similar, only with less jewelry.

There were some Russian characters on the underside of the coffin. Li Du could not read Russian but he thought that it must be some words about the deceased.

Li Du took a deep breath. His guess had been right. Those people were not war gravediggers. They were robbers who had dug into other people's existing graves.

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