1253 Throw it Out

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Just like that, with that clash, the atmosphere inside the campsite became colder than outside.

The big men had a fiery temper and flared up immediately.

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The bunch of them stood together and shouted, "D*mn you, idiot. What d*mned thing did you say?""Scram and take your attitude out of here!""Is this place a playground? You bring your sh*tty pets here to have fun?"

Seeing that the two groups were about to break into a fight, one of the students jumped in to mitigate. "How about this? Let's all try squeezing together again and see if we can make some space for the luggage."

"Why do we have to squeeze? Just bring the animals out and we'll be fine," a youth wearing a baseball cap said.

Li Du had lashed out previously because those people had badmouthed his pets. He always treated his pets as though they were his children and of course, he did not feel good hearing insults hurled at them.

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