1254 Relax

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The two bags of weapons were placed together outside the door. Li Du's car was blocking the bags from the wind and hence, although the dust storm was strong, their bags were not blown away.

Li Du had great patience and was waiting without fidgeting. Every once in a while, he would go out for a look.

The dust storm had started in the afternoon. The wind continued to howl and very soon, night had fallen.

The days were still short in the current season. Hence, the sun had set very early. There was no more sunlight, and the dust storm had also blocked the light of the stars. The entire place was in darkness.

Inside the camp, everyone had their tummies filled and started to get ready for bed.

When nobody was looking, Li Du went out of the house and placed the two bags of weapons in the Black Hole.

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The space in the Black Hole had been slowly increasing. From one cubic meter, it had more than doubled. It was now already larger than two cubic meters.

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