1121 Three in One

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Li Du had always thought that adventurers only existed in novels and television dramas.

He was not a stranger to that occupation as he kept an entire series of National

Geographic. The first few copies and the foundation of the series were all built upon the

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adventurers' experience.

However, he did not know that in the twenty-first century there would still be adventurers

in the world.

From the chat he had with Steve, Li Du understood a couple of things. Those included

the reasons why Steve had put so much effort into helping him, why he would rush over

to attend the engagement party and why he had been so kind to Li Du in Australia.

It had all been a humongous mistake. Steve had mistaken him for an adventurer and

thought that Li Du would be able to help him.

However, it was not too much of a stretch to think of Li Du as an adventurer. After all,

his time in Africa could really be considered an adventure.

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