1122 A Town at the Border

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After the engagement, Li Du had a dazzling night with Sophie.

For the next few days, he stayed at home. It was only when the date of the smuggler

warehouse was approaching that he had no choice but to leave his house.

Hans rubbed his nose and said, "So, isn't the life of a newly-wed great?"

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Li Du said lazily, "This is not the life of a newly-wed. We are not married yet. But this

period of time, it has really been great!"

Sophie's body was wondrous, and they had been delighting in each other.

Hans slammed his hand into the car head and said, "I told you. I wanted to bring you to

experience this. If you had listened to me earlier, you wouldn't have to wait until now to

have this perfect life."

Li Du flipped him the finger and said, "I like the exchange of emotions. You? Ha, what

you mean is not a perfect life, it is a purgatory!"

Godzilla and Big Quinn organized the truck. Now they had two trucks.

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