339 The Sudden Occurrence

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Frank Boll was a lunatic.

Just now, when the man had shoved Hans, Hans had only ended up giving him a scare. This was because, given their high status, people would mock them for challenging a rookie.

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Besides, Hans had been spouting nonsense in the first place. The man had shoved him only because what he said was not pleasant; the situation was not considered that extreme.

The way Frank had pushed Li Du, however, was different: this was blatant provocation.

LA was a metropolis, yes, but the circle of treasure hunters was not large. This trip, as the two of them had a few different auctions to attend, Li Du had prepared for the inevitable possibility of bumping into Frank again.

He had not expected to meet him again so soon, or that Frank would provoke him the moment they saw each other.

York was the calmer one of the two; he pulled Frank aside and whispered, "Hey bro, this is an auction. Don’t cause trouble."

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