340 The Treasure Hunting Lunatic

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The only regret Li Du had was that although there were many storage units to be auctioned here, none of them were very valuable. The fight with Frank had not been worth it at all.

Of course, the main reason Hans had started a fight was to stand up for him, and for that, he was very grateful!

The auction for the first three storage units went by quickly; the one for the fourth storage unit was about to start.

Godzilla and Big Quinn arrived at the auction took their places behind Li Du.

Some treasure hunters who had wanted to provoke Li Du changed their minds; the gossiping about him also diminished.

Li Du knew that this was definitely Hans’s idea—he had arranged for the two to come over.

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In the fourth storage was an array of scissors, hair dryers, perming equipment, etc.—the owner was probably a hairstylist.

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