600 The Request of a Playboy   

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Li Du was pretty close with the Playboy. As the Playboy had helped him on many occasions, Li Du had always wanted to help him if the chance ever arose.

Without a doubt, the easiest way to help the Playboy was in a storage unit auction.

However, the Playboy did not seem to be short of money and had only entered the industry because he found it fun. It was evident from him driving his Ferrari and chasing girls every day.

As such, Li Du was of no help to him with storage unit auctions.

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Some things in this world were indeed very coincidental. He was thinking about how he could help out the Playboy and return his favor from earlier that afternoon when the man called him in the evening.

"Hi Li, are you in Las Vegas?"

"Yes," Li Du joyfully replied. "I'm here, staying in Caesars Palace. What about you? I heard from Dickens and the others that you are here too. Want to meet up?"

The Playboy sighed. "Sure, but I can't at the moment."

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