601 The Ferrari Knight

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Du laughed, "I'm joking. Alright, tell me where this genius is from?"

Hans chuckled, "Still laughing? Great, I'll tell you about it and hopefully you'll still be able to laugh after you make sense of the situation."

Everyone knew that in gambling, one would usually lose as many as nine out of ten rounds. As a result, many people ended up bankrupt. However, there were some who could possibly win nine times out of those ten rounds. That, of course, did not include Li Du who would predictably score a perfect ten.

Some people were naturally sensitive to numerals. After they had undergone higher level education in mathematics and psychology, they would become experts in gambling.

These people really existed. Instead of resorting to trickery, they used the rules to their advantage, and secured their wins through deduction as well as memorization of the cards.

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