515 The Props

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The Tucson Brotherhood treasure hunters were rich. They monopolized the storage unit auctions around Tucson and had made quite a fortune over the years.

Especially Princeps, who was now nearly a member of the Million Dollar Club.

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He had a personal net worth of millions of dollars.

The auction was ongoing. One thousand dollars wouldn't hold them back from bidding. Someone placed a bid of 1,100 dollars.

Li Du replied casually, "1,200 dollars!"

The auctioneer looked at Li Du. Although he wanted to avoid his bid, under such circumstances he could not pretend he didn't hear Li Du's voice.

He struggled for a while and pointed to Li Du, defeated. "Okay, 1,200 dollars, 1,200 dollars, this fella bid 1,200 dollars. Anyone bidding a higher price? How about 1,300 dollars?"

Princeps personally placed a bid in an aggressive tone: "No need for 1,300 dollars, I bid 1,500 dollars!"

Li Du raised his hand. "One thousand six hundred dollars!"

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