516 The War Has Just Begun

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The Counter-Strike cosplay costumes inside the storage unit were estimated to be around 40 to 50 sets.

This type of laser-detecting sensor costume was of relatively higher value compared to other similar costumes; the price of each set was no less than 200 dollars. From the looks of it, this unit could be worth upwards of 10,000 dollars.

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However, the 10,000 dollars would be for entirely new costumes. The costumes inside the unit were second-hand goods, so they need to cut the price in half when selling them. So when Li Du won the unit with a bid of 4,000 dollars, most treasure hunters felt that he could hardly earn anything out of it.

The Tucson Brotherhood treasure hunters looked at Li Du curiously; they could not understand why he bid for that unit with that amount. Li did not mind at all. He locked the unit personally and walked away, whistling.

Someone couldn't contain his curiosity. "Hey, Chinese guy, what's the problem with you?"

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