751 The Heart Will Tell You

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Max's words confused Li Du. Water had entered his diving goggles, and then he floated to the surface. Why he was praised? And why were Sophie and Hans criticized?

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Brother Wolf approached him and asked in a low voice, "Boss, you didn't notice the oxygen reading?"

They were training to dive, of course, and carried oxygen bottles into the water, where the air normally allowed people to stay in the water for half an hour to 40 minutes.

Max first told them to keep an eye on the numbers on the dive computer watch during the dive, which normally showed a figure of 200.

Li Du looked at his oxygen bottle computer watch, which had a reading of only 42.

According to the requirement, if the number on the computer was as low as 50, which was a dangerous number, you had to tell your partner or coach, and prepare to ascend to the surface.

Apparently, they were too excited to notice that Max had tampered with their oxygen bottles when they got into the water.

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