752 Sea Star 60

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Looking at the yacht, Li Du and the others were taken aback.

Magnificent, extravagant, charming, luxurious, and noble. These words, which were suited for royal families and aristocrats, could be used on the super-yacht as it was indeed really amazing!

When in front of Li Du, Sophie had never shown a materialistic side before. Regardless of whether she saw a luxury car or a luxury house, she would at the most make two comments about it and not show her desire for it.

But she was moved after seeing the Sea X-90 yacht. She muttered, "Oh my, so beautiful, it's so beautiful. If we could have it . . . I can't imagine how exciting having it would be!"

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Hans pointed at the yacht and exclaimed, "That's the one. Li, Boss Li, my heart tells me that it's the boat that fits us!"

Li Du was also moved. He asked, "How much does this yacht cost?"

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