703 The Four-Winged Evolution

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After the little bug had flown into the thick and heavy vase, Li Du was surprised to see that there was something in there!

It was the contents that had attracted the little bug. What it had seen was a bronze pot with a straight mouth and a long neck extending into a round abdomen, with short stout feet below.

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There were two folded beams at the neck of the pot. One resembled a bird's beak and the other was a beast's head. There were rings around the pot's mouth, with corrugated lines. Between the lines were patterns of clouds. The entire design looked intricate.

Once the little bug had wiggled into this bronze pot, it opened its mouth to absorb its time capability.

Li Du quickly stopped it, and then made enquiries about several items in the shop.

The owner, who was an old gentleman with spectacles, spun a pair of walnuts around in his palm.

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