702 Door Stopper Vase

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If not for the little bug's assistance, Li Du would have also been touched by the boss's sincerity. The man's acting was definitely superb.

Hans asked, "Is this a world renown Yuan Dynasty vase? I heard of them when I was in Los Angeles. How much does it cost?"

Once the stall holder realized this question regarded its price, he immediately became lively and said, "According to market price, it costs at least 500,000. However, as fate has brought us together, I will give you guys a discount, 400,000 RMB. When converted to USD, it is less than 80,000 dollars."

Li Du inhaled a breath of cold air. Vicious enough.

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He released the little bug and used its ability to turn back time. The first thing to appear was a ceramic workshop, which had a small traditional kiln with a blazing fire and two middle-aged men using potter's wheels in it. 

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