353 The Flash

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Li Du slapped Ah Meow in the face and scolded, "Stop being a baby, it’s just some dirt. Go, catch the pheasant!"

Ah Meow was shocked. Instead of a slap, he had expected love and care.

It took some time to react, and then he started throwing a tantrum. He jiggled up and down in anger while making whining noises, looking very unhappy.

Sophie was amused when she saw his reaction, and smiled. "Are you dancing, Ah Meow? You have a good sense of rhythm. Come on, dance!"

Ah Meow glared at them angrily and saw the mushrooms that they had just picked carefully.

"Meow!" The ocelot knocked over the basket. He tore the round and soft mushrooms into pieces with his fast claws.

Li Du was heartbroken!

Sophie gasped, "Don’t do that, Ah Meow!"

Li Du stepped forward and tried to grab Ah Meow. But Ah Meow was quick; he squirmed around, tightened his muscles and slipped from Li Du’s grasp.

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