354 Another Visit to the Old Goods Market

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Tomatoes, endives, cucumbers, purple cabbages, onions, and red peppers were the ingredients used to make the salad.

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Li Du used olive oil, lemon vinegar, and yogurt as well. He used these three things to mix the salad instead of a salad dressing.

Sophie laughed when she saw this. "Won’t it be too sour?"

Li Du said, "But it's healthier. Just don't eat too much if it’s too sour."

The wet Crispy Noodles was wandering around his legs; he put a small tomato down for him. Crispy Noodles held it with both hands and "washed" the tomato before happily eating it.

Ah Meow jumped on the kitchen counter to look for dried fish. He couldn't find anything, so he continued sulking.

But Li Du had cooked the pheasant’s liver for it. Ocelots loved to eat this kind of food. After it ate some of the liver, Ah Meow was happy again.

Li Du then prepared the pheasant mushroom soup.

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