403 The Convoy of Trucks

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The small town of Derta, Arizona’s "miracle oasis."

Of course, that was what the people there called their hometown. The town was unheard of by most. Few people paid attention to it, and few people cared what they called their town.

Just like Humphreys, the town that self-proclaimed they were the birthplace of American country music. Hardly anyone believed that.

But the birth of Derta town could be considered a small miracle, as it had been built on a piece of barren land.

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Arizona had lots of barren, desert land. Although it was a large state, there were many empty areas that were unable to provide suitable living conditions due to the lack of water and resources there. No other plants could survive except cacti.

Derta was once such piece of land, but due to the movement of the Earth’s plates, an underground water vein had migrated over to form the Derta River.

The river water meant the possibility of a habitat.

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