402 We’ll Celebrate Your Birthday

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After dinner, Mrs. Martin and Sophie cleared the table. The plump Mr. Martin said with a smile, "Li, did you enjoy the meal?"

Li Du wiped his mouth. "Very good, especially the desserts. I couldn’t stop eating them. Mrs. Martin has great baking skills."

Mr. and Mrs. Martin laughed. Sophie said, "You’re laughing? Seriously, we would have made a fool of ourselves tonight if we hadn’t bought the tuna."

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The rest of the dishes were simple in comparison to the seared ahi tuna.

Mr. Martin begged to differ. "Make a fool of ourselves? Didn’t we do well?"

Sophie pouted, and said in a dissatisfied tone, "Your cooking’s bad. Li, next time tell me earlier when you’re coming. I’ll come over and prepare the meal personally."

Mr. Martin replied in an exaggerated manner, "My God, you dislike your parents’ cooking? You’ve been eating it since you were young. Look at how healthy and well you are."

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