1112 The Best Thing

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The villa's bedroom was very well-equipped. Li Du arranged for the Martins to stay in that room. Having the entire family in the same place would be more convenient for all of them.

Two days later, at the beginning of December, the Martin couple got ready to hunt in the desert. Li Du planned to accompany them.

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Li Du brought Brother Wolf with him to accompany Mr. and Mrs. Martin while Sophie and the rest stayed behind.

Their real motive was not hunting, but the wish to discuss family matters.

Desert hunting was a common branch of hunting in the southwestern United States. Most people would think that there was no life in the desert. In fact, many animals lived there, such as desert rabbits, desert foxes, and deer. Those were all animals they hunted.

There was a desert south of Phoenix. It had weeds and low shrubs growing on the surface of the earth.

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