1111 Blooming Flowers and a Full Moon

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As the flames rose to the sky, people saw it clearly and were shocked. They started to discuss it fervently:

"Was that a declaration of love? Has someone proposed?"

"Oh my God, that's amazing! I can't believe it!"

"Who did that? That's brilliant, we can see it clearly from one hundred meters away.

How big can that fire be?"

"I am going to pass out. How much money has the guy spent on this? Tell me, what rich man is playing the romance tactic?"

Everyone, including Sophie and her family, peered out. Li Du stood up and smoothed out his clothes.

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When the words had formed from the flames, Sophie and her parents turned back to look at Li Du, surprised. Li Du's parents could not read the letters and did not understand what was going on but turned to look at him as well.

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