1008 The Battle Has Started

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Remonin was merely being careful with his suspicion. 

For the last two days, Remonin had been trying all sorts of methods to analyze the situation more deeply. It started with his investigation on the spy. He had interrogated the spy and he had proved that Li Du's words were true. After that, he trusted Li Du wholeheartedly.  

The two army camps were only ten to twenty kilometers apart. With the helicopters and pickups, the army would cross the borders in thirty minutes or less. Li Du had to manage the time well for the plan unfold successfully.

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In reality, for this battle, Li Du's side was faced with more obstacles than Remonin's side.  

Having invested all his sleeping pills, anesthetic, and poison, Li Du brought Godzilla and Brother Wolf with him to speak to Good's guard. He waved his hand to catch the guard's attention. "I want to have a word with Commander Good. I have something important to tell him."

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