1009 Thunderbolt

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Little Flathead smashed into Good's face. Shocked, it instinctively extended its paws

and brandished its claws.

Good screamed in pain as his wrist was smashed by a sculpture. His bone fractured

with a resounding crack. Fresh blood from both his face and his wrist.

Li Du snatched the pistol and quickly knocked Good down. At the same time, he held

the pistol in his right hand and smashed it into Good's other wrist with all his might.

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The old lunatic had been in the military his whole life. Now that both his hands were

broken, Li Du believed that he would finally be subdued.

Brother Wolf put his unique skills to use, and three of his hits led to three kills. The

soldiers had no chance to fight back.

The remaining soldier was even worse off. His head hit the wall and was smashed flat

at once.

After the duo took care of the soldiers, Godzilla hurried to close the door while Brother

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