517 That’s Robbery

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Just then, someone ran out from behind a pickup and roared, "D*mn *ssholes! What are you doing?!"

The man shouted as he threw himself at one of the big men. The big man pushed him away in a frantic effort and gave him a kick, cursing, "F*ck!"

Another man appeared before the big men; he moved at lightning speed and the men could only see blurred images of his movement; he moved in the dark as if he were a spirit.

The moment he appeared, he took down one big guy. He immediately he caught another man, grabbed him by the shoulders and judo flipped him.

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A huge cat hopped on top of a pickup and clawed a big guy in the face. The big guy gave a miserable scream and hurriedly hopped into the truck to start the engine.

A very energetic puppy ran out from below the other truck, actively jumping about. From time to time, it would raise its head and howl, "Owwwuuu! Owwwuu!"

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