1205 Spy Recorder

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the desert, the road was strong and tough. Broken bits of rocks were shimmering under the glare of the sun.

About a dozen trucks were parked there, and even more cars were scattered around. There were beer trucks, hotdog trucks, and other kinds of service trucks. They all seemed to have arrived from the small town.

Li Du stood among the crowd. Dickens was making the preparations, while Big Moustache Carl and others were cheering by the side:

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"Bro, we depend on you to be this year's winner."

"We'll be preparing to celebrate your victory later."

"Bring the golden trophy home and we'll get next week's round of beer."

Although Dickens was skinny, he had great driving skills. That was a well-known fact in Flagstaff. Two years ago, he had joined the competition and come in second. The year before, he did not participate as he had other matters to attend to.

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