1204 Showing the Cards

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Valerie had not spoken loudly, but her words were like a bomb dropped. They made a deafening impact!

"Wow, Big Li has joined the Million Dollar Club?"

"Is that true? That is astounding news. It's the Million Dollar Club! How long has it even been since he joined the trade?"

"What's so surprising about that? He is Big Li. Don't you guys know? He has helped a few others to become members of the Hundred Thousand Dollar club."

"When did such a capable guy appear? Tell me, tell me. I've been in Chicago the entire year, I didn't know about this."

Discussions broke out around them and the treasure hunters started to talk fervently.

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The Mexican man, Hernando, looked surprised and said, "You gotta be kidding me. He… he is in the Million Dollar Club?"

With the gold he found hidden in the car and the Birds of America, Li Du had indeed managed to join the Million Dollar Club.

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