1256 Snow Forest Home

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It was cold in Siberia, and every time they stopped for a rest, they had to light a bonfire to keep warm.

Although they had taken some solid fuel with them before the trip, it would not last long, and when they saw trees coming up, they stopped to collect some dry wood.

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There was a lot of snow in the taiga, especially piled up around trees.

Hankway and the rest of the Nenets guides jumped out of their cars, smiled at the greenness of the snowy forest, picked up their guns and said, "If we're lucky, we'll have fresh meat to eat."

It was a large coniferous forest, mainly of individual pine trees and boreal trees like birch and spruce, single variety but growing well.

Li Du got out to gather firewood. The forest was full of dead trees. This was just what they needed. They would have to cut down those trees and tie them above the car to use as firewood.

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