1257 Fish

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The baths were spread out in batches. Sadly, Sophie and Luo Qun were the only two women. The best way was for several men to wash together, which would help to save fuel.

Li Du and Steve were the first to enter. In this primitive environment, people would just go in to bathe together stark naked, with no thought about privacy.

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Steve laughed self-deprecatingly. "I've lived more than thirty years, man, and since I was able to take a shower by myself, I have never done it in the same room with anyone else."

"Is that so? Then who asked me to accompany him to the bubble bath until he was fourteen? And to rub his back?"

Steve spread his hands and laughed. "Oh, no, uncle Elson, please take care of my reputation… damn, is this the bathroom?!"

They pushed the door open and went in. Steve was shocked.

It was a small wooden house, built out of logs and covered with a thick layer of plastic, with only two small windows in the eastern and southern walls.

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