246 Smitten With a Storage Unit

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That night, the treasure hunters gathered together and organized a bonfire barbecue.

At the mountaintop, when the sunset, the temperature would drop significantly.

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The wind started to get cold and one would get chills when it blew. Once the bonfire was lit up and the grills spread out, everyone gathered around the bonfire.

A bonfire in the daytime would be way too hot. But at the current temperature and time of day, it was extremely pleasant.

Of course, cold beer was a must in such gatherings. The hotel employees placed buckets of ice and bottled beer on a table. Hans and the treasure hunters raised the beer bottles and cheered.

Li Du sat near the edge of the mountain, looking at the night view of Jerome. Past Jerome, lights from nearby towns and cities could be seen.

Toward the northeast was the Sin City, Las Vegas.

Hans walked over with another two treasure hunters. "Hey bud, penny for your thoughts?"

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